Current projects

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Our motivation

Instagram, news, Facebook, Youtube, e-mails and so on. Internet made it possible that almost everybody has access to information. But how can we read and understand this flood of information? And how can we know, what the real message is?

Media Literacy was never that important as nowadays in the digital age and information society. Fake News, hate speech and cyber mobbing are new developments and young people need to be equipped to be able to defend their rights on- & offline and to be able to critically consume media. Different activities in our projects will help you to develop media literacy.

What we do

Educate young people about their online rights
Equip young people with necessary tools
Enhance the critical thinking of young people
Encourage a responsible use of Social Media

How we do it

  • Non-formal learning
  • Individual exercises
  • Group learning
  • Outdoor activities

Skills you learn

In our different Media Literacy projects, you deepen your skills and knowledge, get inspired to change certain habits and learn how you can politically make a change. Join our projects if you want to

  • Gain skills and competences in media literacy
  • Enhance your critical thinking
  • Being sensitive for cyber bullying, hate speech and other forms of online discrimination
  • Being skilled in recognizing fake news and misinformation
  • Know how to defend and maintain democratic debates online


Join one of the projects of Active Society or contact us for more information.