Current projects

Our motivation

In our fast world there seems to be less and less time for healthy diets and enough movement. The consequences are that people buy cheap fast food and tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. Especially young people are in risk in establishing bad habits, because of their financial situation and lack of knowledge. Additionally, formal institutions don’t inspire young people enough to live a healthy life. Binge drinking, spending a lot of time online and other factors also contribute to young people’s unhealthy choices.

How can young people establish healthy habits, that improve their wellbeing? And how can public bodies, institutions and schools promote an active, healthy lifestyle? We want to tackle these questions with you and find out the answers in our projects!

What we do

Support young people in establishing healthy habits
Make young people aware of the impact of diet and proper movement
Exchange good practices
Cross projects with environmental and media literacy projects

How we do it

  • Non-formal learning
  • Individual exercises
  • Group learning
  • Outdoor activities

Skills you learn

In our different Active Lifestyle projects, you deepen your skills and knowledge, get inspired to change certain habits and learn how you can politically make a change. Join our projects if you want to

  • Improve your mental and physical health
  • Learn how to change habits
  • Train your will power
  • Try out low-budget options to increase your fitness / health
  • Plan in time for mental and physical health practices


Join one of the projects of Active Society or contact us for more information.

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