Fietsen for Chocolate

Fietsen for Chocolate

Project overview

Date & duration29th Aug - 3rd Sep 2021
LocationNetherlands & Germany
Max. participants10
Application deadline21st of August 2021
Open places8 open places (Information on participation)
Funded byErasmus+
Introduction meetingSunday 21st August via Zoom (11:00)

Project description

“Fietsen for Chocolate” is a project which will teach you all the details about the Fair Trade production of chocolate. In a CO2-neutral way, we will transport the fair Trade chocolate from Amsterdam to Münster by bike. The 245 kilometers will be covered in 4 biking days.

The “fietsen for chocolate” project starts with an introduction and team building activities. Highlight of the first day is the visit to the ChocolateMakers factory in Amsterdam. A guided tour will offer you a deep insight in the chocolate production.

On the second day we bike to Almere (40km). You will learn in workshops either about the Global North’s economy or Human Rights. Aim of the day is to learn about chocolate production and social entrepreneurship.

On the third day we bike to Apeldoorn (62km), the longest stage of our journey. With some breaks, picnic, snacks and games we will keep everybody energized for this task. In Apeldoorn we will visit Palace Het Loo, where we will discuss the history of Colonialism.

On the 4th day we bike to Enschede (75km), with (lunch) breaks, snacks and games along the way.

Day 5 is the last bike ride of this project, to Münster (70km). There will be a short quiz about the Dutch-German history at the border. In Münster we will visit a Weltladen store, where we will deliver chocolate. The shop owners will explain us how the Weltladen-system works, with a focus on a fair trade-economy. We end the day with a dinner at the Syrian restaurant Elbén.

The last day will start with a brunch in Münster’s first Vegan restaurant, followed by a critical city tour. A “Fietsen for chocolate” evaluation and goodbye mark the end of the project.

Project timeline

29 August - 3rd September 2021

Biking from Amsterdam to Münster

245 km in 4 stages
Day 1 Welcome and guided tour at ChocolateMakers factory in Amsterdam
Day 2 Biking to Almere (40km)
Day 3 Biking to Apeldoorn (62km)
Day 4 Biking to Enschede (75km)
Day 5 Biking to Münster (70km)
Day 6 Brunch and City Tour Münster

Project details

NameFietsen for Chocolate
Time frame29th August till 3rd September 2021
Project statusOpen
CostsNo costs for participants
IncludedTravel costs
LocationStart: Amsterdam
End: Münster
Participating organisationsEine Welt Netz (NRW)
Active Society NGO
Participant requirements18-30 years
Active and interested
Goals of the projectLearn about Fair Trade, Human Rights and environment

Contact us for more information:

as@20-tpjtFietsen for Chocolate