Current projects

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Our motivation

Active involvement in society can benefit young people. It fosters intercultural competences and empowers to defend democratic rights. Active citizenship also encourages solidarity between each other.

That’s why we implement projects with the focus on civic education. In our projects we create a positive learning environment for the participants in order to belief and commit to democratic values. We are convinced that young people have the right mindset, motivation and creativity to form an important part of society. Our big goal is, that young people get involved, make themselves heard and participate in society.


What we do

Promote democratic values and Human Rights
Involve young people in our activities
Give young people the space to develop their ideas
Organize different activities to stimulate active citizenship

How we do it

  • Non-formal learning
  • Individual exercises
  • Group learning
  • Outdoor activities

Skills you learn

In our different Active Citizenship projects, you deepen your skills and knowledge, get inspired to change certain habits and learn how you can politically make a change. Join our projects if you want to

  • Experience different processes in society
  • Increase your critical thinking
  • Defend and promote Human Rights
  • Learn how to contribute to social justice


Join one of the projects of Active Society or contact us for more information.