• Gezondheid

    Gezonde voeding, voldoende bewegen en je brein op de juiste manier actief houden. Wat betekent gezondheid voor jou?

  • Actieve Leefstijl

    Sporten, gezonde voeding en positieve gewoontes geven je energie. Ontwikkel een gezonde leefstijl en wees actief!

  • Actief Burgerschap

    Actieve burgerparticipatie draagt bij aan een betere samenleveing. Alleen loop je sneller, maar samen kom je verder!

Our mission

Active Society NGO creates, manages and partners in international youth projects. In our projects we use non-formal learning methods, which encourage critical thinking and creativity. We focus on learning together, inspiring each other and on exchanging ideas and opinions.

Besides that, due to our projects and Europe-wide partnerships, our participants will get to know the diversity of Europe and promote active citizenship. Our projects respond to the needs of youth in a fast changing Europe.

Active Society NGO also aims to strengthen the network of youth NGOs in Europe, to promote European mobility opportunities and to empower disadvantaged youth through these actions.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn new skills
  • Meet interesting people
  • Develop yourself
  • Take action
  • Participants

    Participate in our projects and enrich your skills and competences! Meet nice people from all over Europe and exchange your cultures.

  • Volunteers

    Gain international experience in Haarlem. Help us implementing international youth projects and meet young people from other countries.

  • Partners

    Together we offer young people the opportunity to meet and learn with each other. Let's implement projects and support young people.


Join one of the projects of Active Society or contact us for more information.