Our Vision

Active Society is based on the believe that group learning and going abroad are contributing positively to the development of young people. Getting out of the (cultural) comfort zone, even for a short period, has positive effects on self-esteem and self-development. Through these experiences, youth can actively participate in society and contribute in a valuable way. The organization wants to support young people in becoming active citizens and contribute actively to society. The general goal is to make young adults more aware of their rights, skills and ideas.

Our Mission

Active Society NGO offers youth exchanges, youth projects and training possibilities for young adults aged between 18 and 30 years. Together with our international, regional and local partners we implement intercultural projects, designed and exercised by young people. In this way the participants themselves create an inspiring and “learning by doing” atmosphere.

Our main expertise and interest lies on social topics regarding youth. We consider the following topics as important for young adults to gain more skills and insights in:

  • Environment
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Citizenship
  • Media Literacy
  • Culture

In all our projects the focus lies on individual and group learning in an intercultural context.

Board members

Claartje Berkhout


Patrick Darphorn


Hubert van Velden




Jenny considers herself a true European and global citizen. Romanian roots, being born and raised in Germany and recently moving to the Netherlands shaped her European identity. Next to that during her Bachelor in European Studies she lived in Spain and Greece. In Thessaloniki she completed her internship in Erasmus+ project coordination, which inspired her to start an own organisation in the Netherlands. She is also volunteering in different non-profit organisations and writes project proposals for other youth organisations. Cooking, going to the movies and travelling are her biggest hobbies.


Thomas gathered broad experience in volunteering, working with volunteers and in coordinating international projects. After working and traveling in Peru and South America and working for the Dutch NGO NiƱos de Guatemala, he decided to found his own volunteering organization, Peru Volunteer. Back in the Netherlands he is volunteering himself in local, non-profit projects in Haarlem and is setting up our NGO. Thomas lived in 4 different European countries and wants to spread his motivation to other young Europeans. Sports, movies, reading novels and traveling are his biggest hobbies.

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