Volunteering has positive effects on your own well-being and is also good for your community! Develop civic skills and become an active citizen in our local initiatives. Read more about different volunteering stories on our blog.

Why should I volunteer?

What is volunteering?

You have interest in a topic and want to spend some of your free time on it. The tasks which you do are important but not big enough to employ you. That’s what volunteering is about. It is the dedication of your free time to support a social project or initiative on a regular basis.
Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering has positive effects on your own well-being and is also good for your community. Next to developing civic competences and certain skills it is also fun and interesting to get involved in your local community.
What will I learn from volunteering?

You will learn how to work in a group and how to take responsibility. The most important thing is to see that your effort does make a change and has an impact!

What are the tasks of a volunteer?

Which tasks will I realize as a volunteer?

It is mostly small tasks such as helping in facilitating an event or youth exchange. We are also happy with help concerning our Social Media channels. But if you have your own idea and even want to write a project, come and join!
How often do I have to volunteer?

We prefer it if you stay engaged with us for more activities. Nevertheless, we do not have a minimum amount of hours or days that you have to contribute. For us it is important that you are reliable and communicate clearly.
What can be difficult situations while volunteering?

It can happen that not all volunteers can invest the same time into their project. For some people that is difficult as the group or workload might change. Volunteering is in the end an unpaid activity where you invest your free time in. So, let’s keep it nice and easy for everyone!

Are you ready to volunteer?