Active Society NGO and your organisation have one common goal: empowering young people by learning together and going abroad. To achieve this goal, we look for motivated organisations who have a hands-on attitude and experience with volunteer activities.

Who can be our partner?

Who can be our partner?

We cooperate with non-profit organizations who are active in the field of youth empowerment and intercultural learning. As we work with (European) subsidies, it is important that your organisation is eligible to receive this as well.
What are the responsibilities?

The responsibilities vary from project to project. Most of the times your organization is in charge to prepare your participants for a mobility project and to work in a multicultural environment.
What are the legal basics of a partnership?

In most of our projects, we set up a partnership agreement, which will be signed by your organization and us. With this agreement both organizations declare which tasks and responsibilities they take.

Why partner with us?

Why should we cooperate?

Active Society NGO is a youth organization, that not only works for young people but also with young people. We involve young people in the project management and other processes so that they have the possibility to develop and discover their skills.
What does AS NGO expect from us?

Reliability, communication and trust are the most important pillars of our partnership. The details will be discussed per project and a communication strategy will be set up. We believe that every partner has skills in a certain part of project management, and we would like that each partner takes up the responsibility for its strongest skill. Like this, we improve the quality of our projects.
Whom is AS NGO looking for?

We partner with organizations that share the same values and working methods. We are looking for partners that are active in the same or similar fields of work. You should motivate young people to participate in mobility projects. Further one we are looking for long-term partnerships and sustainable project management. This corresponds to our values and vision.

Do you want to be our partner?